Dear Students,

Welcome to Himalaya Infoline, a website dedicated to the Ayurvedic student community. It is a platform for you to learn about the latest developments in Ayurveda, access information on educational institutions, vet through career options and above all else, connect with other students to engage in vibrant discussions online, exchange ideas and acquire knowledge.

For over 80 years, Himalaya has delved into the rich heritage of Ayurveda and developed path-breaking products that are prescribed by over 400,000 doctors worldwide. Today, we are proud to say that Liv.52, our flagship brand, is the only herbal drug in India's top 10 medicines! This accomplishment is testimony to the growing acceptance of Ayurveda.

We are inheritors of this legacy and it should be our collective vision to nurture this wealth of knowledge and share it with the world. As students of Ayurveda, you bear the responsibility of carrying this message and shaping the health of future generations. Remember, this is a great responsibility.

Himalaya Infoline is committed to building a community of scientifically-orientated Ayurveda professionals. Credible information available on the website will enhance your knowledge on Ayurveda and the phyto-pharmaceutical industry. The portal will also give you the opportunity to interact and network with other academic and research institutions to further your career prospects.

We would like this website to be the beginning of a new chapter in Himalaya's long-standing relationship with you. This website helps us reach out to you and be part of your education, learning and campus life.

We look forward to a fruitful association with you.

Together, we can help millions of people lead happier and healthier lives!

Good Luck & God Bless!

The Himalaya Drug Company

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Welcome to Himalaya Infoline! For over 80 years, Himalaya has drawn from the wealth of knowledge contained in Ayurvedic texts to develop the world's most enduring phytopharmaceuticals. Today, we are present in over 90 countries and our products are prescribed by over 400,000 doctors.

It is our vision to make Ayurveda an integral part of mainstream medicine. To realize this dream, we are reaching out to you, students of Ayurveda and the next generation of practitioners.

Himalaya's Ayurvedic Medical College (AMC) Connect initiative, which has entered its eleventh year in 2013, embodies our effort to contribute to the study and practice of Ayurveda by engaging with the student community. As we begin a new decade of learning expedition together with you, we offer Himalaya Infoline, a website dedicated to Ayurvedic students as an extension of our AMC Connect initiative.

Dear Student, Come forward, Click, Connect & Conquer!

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