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Topper's Talk

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Dr Abhishek Kokare
Dr Abhishek Kokare completed BAMS from Dr JJ MagdumAyurved Medical College (Jaysingpur, Kolhapur, Maharashtra). Currently, he is preparing for All India AYUSH Post Graduate Entrance Test (AIAPGET) 2020.

  • Q1. Being a university topper and winning thegold medal must have been a dream come true! How would you describe your journey toward this success?
  • In this journey of success,support from my parents and guidance from teachers helped me win 6 gold medals from the first year. I never think about results, but I believe consistency and hard work always lead you to success. I have been learning new things, both practically and theoretically, every day, for example, to participate in various quiz competitions. This has helped me improve my knowledge.

  • Q2. Please share with us your success mantra or strategies of preparing for examination.
  • In my opinion, to win, one must constantly strive for attaining goals and focus more on basic principles. The highest priority should be given to revision of topics,without which the study never completes.

  • Q3. We would like to know about your higher education or career plans.
  • Soon I will be completing my internship, and have also started preparing for All India AYUSH Post Graduate Entrance Test (AIAPGET) 2020. Being an Ayurveda student, my dream is to work in the research field of Ayurveda.

  • Q4. What are the 3 factors you would credit your success to?
    1. Strong basic principles
    2. Consistency and quality study
    3. Support from parents and guidance from teachers

  • Q5. What is the message you want to give to other students?
  • Read the classical textbooks of Ayurveda. Try to do practical application of every topic. And as I said earlier,try to be consistent in your studiesand follow the instructions of your guide.

Dr Harshitha KS
Dr Harshitha KS completed BAMS from SDM College of Ayurveda and Hospital (Hassan, Karnataka). She is currently pursuing postgraduation in Kayachikitsa at National Institute of Ayurveda (Jaipur, Rajasthan).

  • Q1. Being a university topper and winning the gold medal must have been a dream come true! How would you describe your journey toward being a successful topper?
  • My journey with science, and particularly in my college (SDM College of Ayurveda and Hospital),was one the most interesting phases of my life. Wonders and facts related to Ayurveda, which were written thousands of years ago and are applicable even in this current era, inspired me to explore more in this field.My goal was to understand the text and to find out the hidden meaning of those Sanskrit verses, which are filled with multiple meanings with varying contexts.My high scores and the gold medal are the outcomes of my quest for knowledge, for which I am very grateful.

  • Q2. Please share with us your success mantra and your strategies of preparing for the exams.
  • There were days when I felt frustrated, but it was self-discipline and motivation that kept me going. Being passionate aboutwhat I do, staying focused during the exams, managing time efficiently, revising what I have learned,and never losing confidence are the few things that helped me excel.

  • Q3. What are your plans next?
  • In the future, I would like to conduct good-quality research work in Ayurveda, encourage evidence-based clinical practice,and promote Ayurveda as a complete and efficient field of medical science.

  • Q4. What are the 3 factors you would credit your success to?
  • The 3 factors that helped me achieve success were
    1. The HDFC rule (Hard work, Determination, Focus, and Concentration)
    2. Support from my family to pursue my dreams
    3. Blessings from god and my teachers

  • Q5. What is the message you want to give to other students?
  • To be a Vaidya, we need to implement the principles of Ayurveda in our lives first. It is not only a scientific way of leading life but also aligning our consciousness toward the supreme and tuning with it.Together we can re-live and rediscover our science.

Dr Karthik KP
Dr Karthik KP graduated from Government Ayurveda College (Tripunithura, Kochi, Kerala). Currently he is pursuing his postgraduation in Kaumarabhrityafrom All India Institute of Ayurveda, New Delhi.

  • Q1. How would you describe your journey through BAMS and progressing to become a PG entrance topper?
  • The beginning of the journey as a Vaidya was very much serendipitous, as I had never thought of becoming one. Like my other friends, I was introduced to a subject that was completely unknown to me. But the mentorship from the teachers, seniors at Government Ayurveda College (Tripunithura, Kochi, Kerala), and the regular college activities provided ample opportunities to explore the science deeper than the classroom education, to connect with the exponents of the genre inside and outside the academies, and to learn lessons on self-development. Of such incidents, the crux was knowing about Vaidyabhushanam K Raghavan Thirumulpad and his works. The inspiration from him has influenced every step of mine from then. After completing BAMS (2012–2018), I joined Drona Institute of Ayurveda Studies. The coaching from this institute has played a pivotal role in helping me crack AIAPGET.

  • Q2. Please share with us your success mantra and strategies for preparing for the PG entrance exam?
  • The backup of textual knowledge during undergraduation has always been a bonus. But preparing for entrance exams requires a bit different strategy.I compiled information from all important Samhitas, made systematic notes, and ensured repeated revisions. I had a strategy for every phase. The first phase included vast reading of all subjects and preparing notes of the same. I also attempted subject-wise questions during this phase and noted down the questions that I could not answer. This continued for about 6 months. The second phase predominantly consisted of revision schedules to make the previously learned subjects thorough and to recognize the strong and weak points. I started solving previous years’ question papers at this point. I followed this strategy for the next 3 months. The last 3 months included working on topics in which I was weak.I was emphasizing to learn the topics in which I was weak and occasionally revised the topics that I was good at. During this whole period of study, I ensured that I made atleast occasional reading of the main texts, that is the Samhitas. Also,I strictly followed the instructions from seniors and teachers, which helped me to adopt the right move at the right time.

  • Q3. What are the 3 factors you would credit your success to?
  • Luck, trick, and hardwork. One can attain excellent rank but being the topper requires an unavoidable factor of luck. Trick is smart work. Stratifying portions based on their priority; excluding less-important portions judiciously;and using mnemonics and personalized study methods (like recording the notes in the audio format so that they can be heard when reading gets boring) to memorize points come under smart work. Hardwork is maximum utilization of the available time.

  • Q4. What is the message you want to give to other students aspiring to pursue PG?
  • Postgraduation has become a requisite factor in the field of Ayurveda, today. The preparation for the same requires aggressive and planned learning too, which is undoubtedly a tedious and patience-demanding process. But in this process, gather the information such that it would help us understand the science better and use the understanding during treatment and in researching and revalidating the same. Ensure that the time and energy we have invested donot go futile. Stay enthusiastic and hungryto increase the knowledge. Grab every opportunity you get. Work hard; work in such a way that our colleagues, patients, and, ultimately, the Shasthra is benefited. Ayurveda needs vibrant brains and hearts that can strew confidence in the Ayurveda community and belief in the public. So friends, young clinicians, academicians, and researchers, come out in flying colors. The world is waiting.

Dr Saudamini Sarjerao Botre
Dr Saudamini Sarjerao Botre is currently pursuing internship at College of Ayurveda & Research Centre (Nigdi, Pune, Maharashtra).

  • Q1. Being a university topper and winning a gold medal must have been a dream come true! How would you describe your journey toward to this success?
  • Being a university topper was definitely a dream since the first day of college. The inspiration came from the university ranker board in my college (College of Ayurveda & Research Centre) office. Though it was my dream, it was never an obsession. The focus was always on being consistent with studies and gaining knowledge than running the rat race. I believe that being a topper is just a fruit of having faith on the science that I learnt.

  • Q2. Please share with us your success mantra/ strategies of preparing for examinations.
  • There are some steps which are important for success in every field. My strategy was to Read, Understand, Correlated, Recall, and Apply (RUCRA) whenever I learn something.

  • Q3. We would like to know about your higher education/career plans.
  • Currently, I am pursuing internship and also preparing for PG entrance examinations. I intend to pursue PG.

  • Q4.What are the 3 factors you would credit your success to?
    1. Hunt for uniqueness
    2. Healthy competition
    3. Strong support system

  • Q5.What is the message you want to give to other students?
  • Be loyal to your studies, put in sincere efforts, and …“love Ayurveda, live Ayurveda, believe Ayurveda.”

Dr Renu Rajender Saroya
Dr Renu Rajender Saroya completed her graduation at College of Ayurveda & Research Centre (Nigdi, Pune, Maharashtra). She is currently pursuing PG in Kayachikitsa at RA Podar Ayurved Medical College (Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra).

  • Q1. Being a university topper and winning a gold medal must have been a dream come true! How would you describe your journey toward being a successful topper?
  • I had always been a fair student and learner; however, never really thought of being a university topper or winning a gold medal. The journey has not been easy, but what kept me going was my firm decision and focus. A lot of hard work and willpower have gone into achieving my goals. This journey has turned me into a better person and has taught me fairly great lessons.
  • The journey from being someone in the crowd to holding the title “Dr” is something I will cherish for life.

  • Q2. Please share with us your success mantra and your strategies of preparing for examinations.
  • There is no such secret recipe to success but hard work, determination, and consistency are a must.
  • Medical syllabus is vast and limitless. As far as preparation for examinations is concerned, learning everything practically and putting it into a piece of paper was not very difficult as I received very good guidance from expert teachers.

  • Q3. We would like to know about your career plans.
  • My future plans are nothing but implementation of what I have learnt … “simply, to be a renowned doctor.”

  • Q4.What are the 3 factors you would credit your success to?
  • The list is long, but I will keep it brief here.

  • 1. The hard work and the faith I had on myself paved the way to success that I always wished for.
  • 2. The never ending support and encouragement I received from my family, friends, teachers, colleagues, and all well wishers during my success and failures alike, kept me going.
  • 3. Criticisms never stopped me, rather gave me a new direction always.

  • Q5.What is the message you want to give to other students?
  • Introspect—know your abilities and weakness and accept them, but do not stop working on them till you better them. Stay focused, passionate, and enthusiastic about whatever you do.

Dr Swathimutthu BN
Dr Swathimutthu BN graduated from Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Ayurveda and Hospital (SDM), Hassan, Karnataka. She is currently pursuing post graduation in Stree Prasuti Tantra at SDM College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan. Being the topper of BAMS (December 2015), she has bagged 5 gold medals that include The Himalaya Drug Company Gold Medal.

  • Q1. Being a university topper and earning 5 gold medals must have been a dream come true! How would you describe this journey?
  • First of all, I would like to thank the Himalaya Drug Company for making me a part Himalaya Infoline.
    The most common question that I come across is, “How could you bag 5 gold medals, which is a record-breaking achievement.” For this, I have a very simple answer, “Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Ayurveda and Hospital” (SDMCAH). My journey toward being a topper started with SDM College. Yes, it is a big family I ever had in my life. As soon as I entered the college campus, our inspiration Dr D Veerendra Heggade’s motto, “We prepare the students to serve humanity, not for examination,” really impressed me.
    SDMCAH is like a universe for me with regard to Ayurveda. The first great personality I met in this institute was our beloved Principal Dr Prasanna N Rao. I was astonished by his dedication and passion toward Ayurveda.

  • Q2. Please share with us your success mantra and your strategies for preparing for the exams.
  • My success mantra is hard work and dedication. Our well-established hospital helped me come across various case studies. Many books on Ayurveda, modern and general, and access to national journals in the digital library helped me a lot in my studies. Like how the Hallada Rameshwara Temple is the heart of SDM hospital, the library is the heart of the college.

  • Q3. What are the 3 factors you would credit your success to?
  • It is difficult to list only 3 factors. However, I would like to mention blessings from God, my parents, and hard work.

  • Q4. What message would you like to give to other students?
  • My messages to other students, which I followed and will follow in future too, are “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs” and “Respect time; it is high-priced.

Dr Sandhya Lakshmi K
Having graduated from SDM college of Ayurveda, Udupi, Karnataka, Dr Sandhya Lakshmi K is currently pursuing postgraduation at department of Panchakarma,
Government Ayurvedic Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka. She is also the winner of Ayurwhiz-3, a national-level quiz contest conducted by The Himalaya Drug Company.

  • Q1. How would you describe your journey and victory in Ayurwhiz-3?
  • Well, behind every successful story, there are many failures. I learnt from my previous mistakes and made sure I overcame my weaknesses. Nobody is perfect; it’s all about learning by ourselves and being our own competitor. The reason behind the memorable moment of victory in a prestigious competition like Ayurwhiz is the team effort of my parents, unconditional support of teachers, and of course, the coordination between my teammate Dr Nandeesh and me. Finally, when the trophy was in our hands, it was a blissful moment, and I could think only of God’s blessings on me.

  • Q2. What kind of preparations did you do for the PG entrance examinations?
  • First, it’s all about the goal—where you want to reach and which institute you want to end up in. Don’t compromise on it. The institute you get into should be the one of your choice, not the one that you got by chance. Prepare accordingly. For PG entrance exams, you need accurate learning, unlike UG exams. There are chances of getting frustrated around the exam time, but patience and dedication are the key to success. The main blessings I received were in the form of all my teachers of SDM College of Ayurveda, Udupi, especially coaching classes by Dr Nagaraj S, for PG entrance exams.

  • Q3. What are the 3 factors you credit your success to?
  • Smart work, focus, and God’s blessings.

  • Q4. What is the message you want to give to students aspiring to do PG?
  • Each person knows his or her capacity better than anyone else. As William Yeats quoted, “Do not wait till the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking,” believe in yourself and make it happen. The technique for cracking PG entrance exams is different, fall in love with it. Solve hundreds of question papers. Don’t be overconfident, or else, you can go wrong in the simplest questions. Lastly, don’t be dejected if you couldn’t make it … the world of Ayurveda is too enormous to contribute to.

Dr Nandeesh J
Dr Nandeesh J graduated from SDM College of Ayurveda, Udupi, Karnataka. He is currently pursuing postgraduation (first year) at National Institute of Ayurveda (Department of Maulik Siddhant), Jaipur, Rajasthan. Dr Nandeesh was the winner of Ayurwhiz-3, the national level quiz contest conducted by The Himalaya Drug Company. He has also previously received the Jivaka award (given to BAMS toppers by The Himalaya Drug Company).

  • Q1. How would you describe your journey and victory in Ayurwhiz-3?
  • Ayurwhiz-3 was an inspiring journey. Unlike other quiz competitions, Ayurwhiz is the only one which gives opportunity for every single student of Ayurveda to be a part of it. The selection of candidates from each college requires meticulous preparation and hard work from the organizers. The whole quiz was conducted in 5 levels—college, cluster, state, zonal, and final. Every round was unique in its own way. At each level, the quiz got more innovative with growing competitiveness. The best part of Ayurwhiz was that the luck factor played very minimum role because the quiz was not limited to certain topics. During college-level quiz, I never imagined that I would be in the finals. Winning the state-level (Karnataka) competition gave immense confidence and a feel that, “Yes, it is possible but just needs a little more of hard work in the coming days to lift the trophy.” As Dr Sandhya Lakshmi K and I were preparing for the postgraduation (PG) entrance simultaneously, I thought we had an edge over other teams. All teams were equally good. Just that, our nerves were better on the big days, may it be state level, zonal, or the final. It was a wonderful experience to compete in the finals in front of the great Gurus who taught and inspired us, and having home crowd was a bonus. The hospitality given by The Himalaya Drug Company to all the participants, guests, and audience was very good. It can be definitely said that Himalaya has set a standard on how a quiz should be conducted. Ayurwhiz was not merely a quiz competition; it taught me many aspects like the method of study, teamwork, determination, and social approach. I would really thank Ayurwhiz for giving me friends from all over India.

  • Q2. How did you prepare for PG entrance examinations?
  • I do not see any major difference between undergraduate (UG) studies and PG entrance examinations. Both go hand in hand. Having a good academic and practical knowledge reduces the stress and time while preparing for MCQ-based questionnaire. So, I used to revise topics from textbooks followed by entrance guides. This adds to the accuracy of the subject. Regular self-evaluation with model question papers with time limit helps to get the “examination feel.” Getting trained under Dr Nagaraj S, Professor and Head, Department of Roga evam Vikriti vijnana, SDM College of Ayurveda, Udupi, eased the process of PG entrance preparation.

  • Q3. What are the 3 factors you would credit your success to?
    • My Parents: For having given me the freedom in decision making since my school days, which is very crucial in competitions like quiz.
    • Ayurveda fraternity, especially from SDM College of Ayurveda, Udupi, Karnataka: For imparting quality education to students in understanding and practicing Ayurveda.
    • My quiz partner Dr Sandhya Lakshmi K and all my friends and well-wishers whose constant support helped me to be focused.

  • Q4. What is the message you want to give to students aspiring to do PG?
  • I might sound absurd to answer this. I would like to advise the UG students and internees to have clear picture of their future before starting PG entrance preparations.
    This is because majority questions in PG entrance MCQs are memory based and non-clinical, which is one of the most important reasons we are failing to produce quality clinicians. More number of students opt for PG just to get into teaching field, which is not a good sign for the future of Ayurveda. A teacher can become more inspiring to students by following Ayurveda and applying the principles in clinical practice. So, my humble message to all the students is to look at PG as an opportunity to improvise our clinical skills and spread the true Ayurveda to the next generation. Following points may be useful to the students:
    • Have a good theoretical and practical knowledge of subjects studied in the UG course. Do not pressurize yourself during the entrance exam.
    • Participate in activities like quiz and extempore at college and intercollege levels.
    • Have a smart study plan for entrance. The amount of time spent in entrance preparations does not matter, whereas dedicated hours matter.
    • Revision is the only way of getting more accurate, especially in memory-based questions.
    • Group discussions with open-minded friends may be more fruitful than isolated study.
    • Keep yourself updated with the latest developments in the field of medicine and governmental schemes.